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About the same number of people are still playing Virtual Boys as are using Google Plus, for example. In recent memory, the Windows Phone occupies the same space as these infamous failures, potentially because it was late to the smartphone game but primarily because no one wanted to develop software for it. But now, you can run Android apps on Windows Phones now.

​Here's Microsoft's cheapest Windows 10 phone yet: $139 Lumia 550

Google Translate from German. But if you still have one laying around you might want to go grab it. This hack came to us via Windows Central and Reddit. It seems long and involved but if you have any experience with a command line you should be fine. We could only find one project in our archives that uses one , and that was from The interface worked well on the device and even on the low end phones it was responsive and never felt laggy.

But as we all know they were DOA from the lack of developers and apps.

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There were plenty of developers and apps. I even managed to track train times by the rail provider in Morocco.

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Microsoft had mobile on htc phones well before apple and Android. All the original smart phones where windows mobile and a bunch got ported to the first few verisions of androids. And that turned out to be the only game that matters. My Windows Phone was easily the best mobile device I have used.

Is Microsoft trying to clear inventory?

I wish Microsoft has spent as much time supporting devs as it did creating dozens of different models of underpowered and cheap phones for developing markets. What a waste that MS did not pursue this market and keep the smart people happy!!!!! And even then… I prefer not to have a phone on me most times…. Except right now my job requires it for on-call purposes.

I still have my Windows Phone. The Lumia camera app is amazing. Even Skype is no longer supported, I believe, not that there are a lot of users. Last September, I asked this question on Twitter :.

The best Microsoft Lumia XL deals in | TechRadar

Serious question for previous Windows Phone users. What made you buy one, and if you stopped using it, what do you miss most? Hundreds of you replied to this tweet and to CNET's similar outreach. Windows phone's Metro software was a " breath of fresh air ," you said. You loved the " amazingly simple and elegant feature " of pinning apps and contacts where you wanted them.

You loved that it was more focused and "ergonomic ," and that the OS had features such as iris-scanning , deep links and a profile for kids that were ahead of its time. Windows Phone was your sweet spot. There's a sliver of good news for erstwhile fans of Microsoft's mobile software and phones. Although you won't see any new Windows-based phones, you can recapture some of what you loved in other handsets.

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  5. Showcases Windows 10 Mobile rather well. The Microsoft Lumia 950 is a highly capable smartphone.
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After getting used to the tiles on your Windows Phone, both Android and iOS can seem like a boring stream of app icons. We found two Android apps that emulate the Windows Phone look. Both offer a fairly faithful rendition of Metro UI screen tiles and the vertical, alphabetical app drawer.

A BlackBerry phone. The resurrected brand runs Android now, but the phone has a hub that groups your social networks into one.

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Lumia 950 phone deals

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