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I wanna see the config. I apologize, I must be on the wrong page. You're not looking for any of my apache configs, correct? I -am- looking for your apache configs.

Well I know where they are, I just want the content. I haven't done apache2 in a while so this should be interesting but it shouldn't be hard to figure out. Surprising fact of the day: Henry Heimlich, credited as the inventor of the abdominal thrust method of choking rescue, is still alive. Okay, so for example 2aeed banana.

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Bah - This range is too large and would likely cause performance issues. Please use an IPv6 pool instead. Ehtyar [ehtyar pinky-and-the-brain. We don't believe this to be a coincidence. So if I want to add more, I would then just add from 2aeed to 2aeed for example?

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The gateway - should I set that to 2aeed, 2aef03cff:feb or fe New news from forum: Migration - 2 hours and my linode is still down! Well, they require that your restore the full backup; they don't delete your current images. Turl: You can set the name servers so that they resolve to Linodes nameserver IP's, though they can't guarantee the IP's will not change. Turl: no, you can master and slave to linode, and just have a different NS record. I always cname my nsX.

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It's in the same DC as one I have requested and got them assigned on. I think so, though you can also just bring up individual IPs if you want. Unless I'm misunderstanding you.


Usually you would just assign whatever IPs you want to whichever linode. But then I guess the question must be about the math, he's not really doing anything else? So sipcalc might be helpful. My brain can't do that for whatever reason but I imagine it wouldn't be terribly hard. Then you should be able to safely swap it for MPM Worker without too many changes. It's completely insane, but it's normal for NTP clients to do completely insane things.

I've seen worse. Also remember that it could be a large NAT. Well it depends anew, I did not follow the entire conversation but it's probably better, at least for RAM usage. However while I know there are some risks with thread-safety, I don't know exactly what the risks are, so maybe Navi knows that better.

Navi: A vanity IP? Not my style. I'd drink coffee out of a mug that said "Mug, mL" on the side if I could. If your site that gets 4 million hits per week is still offline, I'd pay someone to do what you can't, until you can learn. The computation can take a while. About 5 minutes if you want a 5 character prefix.

Anew - alright. Well it should work. Nginx does require more tweaking since a lot of packages require. Navi: Not bad. Without any knowledge of how Bitcoin works, I would've expected it to be more expensive.

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Also, are you running a 64bit os or a 32bitos? KamiNuvini: And it wouldn't be a server crash. If the IO is offloaded into Xen and down onto a shared drive, you'd expect failure on more than just a VM. Your Linode, linode, has exceeded the notification threshold for disk io rate by averaging Peng: if the node was on one of the newer hosts, there were some reported issues with 32bit kernels on 32bit oses. The fix was to select a 64bitkernel on the 32bit os.

If I were you Anew, make a ticket to enable longview, wait 3 minutes, enable longview. Then see how everything together works and what causes IO and how the other things are memory. Then once you figure out the exact cause of 1. Disk IO 2.

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Crashes you can look into solving it. A-KO [as a:ffbfdeba] has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]. That should be linode's ticket catchphrase. Their tickets really ARE live chat. You can get some responded to within a minute. That increases the number of unused servers, which means more memory usage. When you say 'mailed,' you mean a ticket from inside the Linode Manager, not an email, right? Not sure how Live Chat would make anything better. Sometimes I can't help but feel that people at, say, Dell Live Chat aren't allowed to have keyboards.

Instead, they seem to just have a set of buttons on the screen that they can use to progress the conversation. I think I learnt that they were doing that when I refused to give them a phone number. Are you ready to go on an adventure with Pokemon? I was asking if your machine had begun acting awkwardly already, mere minutes since the last restart. Navi: [mtr] 2.

Lightspeed mumble coupon

Alan: But before that point, I tried and saw the same from my own mtr on my own machine. Seems I just had to wait a bit longer and browse back and then it was there. EDU] has quit [Remote host closed the connection]. PeteB: lish's benefit is that it works if you go wild with iptables and break ssh. I have used the ajax. I am not sure how secure it is, but it works from most places which is nice. I see you have lish now using the manager login.

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