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Krasnodar, Russia - February 10, Gazelle cars in a car market are in a row. Pruning prunus pruning shears. Trimming the tree with a cutter. Spring pruning of fruit trees. Construction of new high rise residential buildings. Piles of manure in the field. Cow and horse manure with land.

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Chamomile flowers. Pharmaceutical camomile. Medicinal plant chamomile lowering. Metal tables and chairs with wicker seats in an outdoor cafe. The wheat field is green. Young wheat on the field. View from above.

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Textural background of green wheat. Green grass.

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The man on the ATV crosses a stream. Tourist walks on a cross-country terrain. Heat exchangers in a refinery. The equipment for oil refining. Heated gasoline air cooler. Insect feeding on paper - silverfish. Pest books and newspapers.

Krasnodar, Russia - July 22, Harvesting wheat harvester. Agricultural machines harvest grain on the field. Agricultural machinery in operation. Fossils of ancient fish. Find the skeleton of a fish in the reservoir of rock. Detached house with a roof made of steel sheets. Roof metal sheets. Modern types of roofing materials. Insect feeding on paper - silverfish, lepisma. Gallstone in hand, Gall bladder stone. The result of gallstones. Calculus of heterogeneous composition.

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Novorossiysk, Russia - May 20, Fountain in Kabardinka made in antique style. Grain terminal in the port of Novorossiysk. Grain elevator. Novorossiysk, Russia - May 20, The monument complex is a small land in the city of Novorossiysk. Painted beautiful dishes on the counter. Plates with patterns. Vacuum cleaner on the floor in the room, top view. Torn fire hose watering a torn fire hose in a park of trees. Vertically located sedimentary rocks on a collapsing hillside.

City of Novorossiysk. Tractor with high wheels is making fertilizer on young wheat. Tractor with a spray device for finely dispersed fertilizer. Turkish greenhouses, growing tomatoes in greenhouses. Indoor soil for vegetables. Log into the slot vespula vulgaris. Wormhole leading to the hornet's nest in the ground. Jack predatory wasps. Heat exchangers for heating of oil.

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Oil refinery. Equipment for primary oil refining. Blooming wild pear in the garden. Spring flowering trees. Pollination of flowers of pear. Latch on the pipeline with the electric drive. Installation works.

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WhiteWhite wooden fence around the ranch. Wooden fence in the village. Dismantled box car transmissions. The gears on the shaft of a mechanical transmission.

Quadrocopter against the blue sky with white clouds. The flight of the copter in the sky. Equipment for oil separation. Modular oil treatment unit. Bulite for separation. The cylinder block of the four-cylinder engine. Disassembled motor vehicle for repair. Parts in engine oil. Car engine repair in the service. The cargo ship with the crane, the top view.

Pipelaying barge. The house with plastic windows and a green roof of corrugated sheet.

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  4. The Hong Kong beekeeper harvesting hives barehanded.
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  7. Roofing of metal profile wavy shape on the house with plastic windows. Green roof of corrugated metal profile and plastic windows. Hot coals in the stove. Red burned by heating the particles tree.

    hillside apiaries coupon Hillside apiaries coupon
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