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These are baits which have been impregnated with a floatation material, usually cork, in order to make the hook bait float slightly proud of the venue bed. This can work to your advantage in a number of ways. Firstly, should you be fishing over a weedy area, it can keep your hook bait safely out of any serious snags. Wafters are another form of a pop-up that straddles the gap between a true pop-up bait and a boilie.

Similarly, dumbbells are a type of boilie that comes in a barrel shape, potentially giving your hook bait the edge in amongst your freebies. No matter what boilie you use, you want to go for one that offers a good mix of attraction and nutrition, as this will feed the fish as well as draw them into your hook bait.

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Boilies are often supplied in 1kgkg bags, whereas wafters, pop-ups, and dumbbells are in smaller pots. Groundbait is basically what it says on the tin; it is a bait that has been milled in order to create a fine, almost powdery, substance. To this, anglers add particles, additives, and other attractants, before mixing the whole lot together with water. The bait is then formed into tennis-ball-sized spheres and either thrown or cupped into the water.

It will float through the water column and breakdown upon impact with your venue bed, creating a mound of free bait on which you can present your hook bait. You can also squeeze a small ball of groundbait around your line by your hook, using it as a hook bait. Groundbait is usually a mix of bait ingredients and can include fishmeals, breadcrumbs, hemp seeds, and oils. The exact mix of these ingredients will change depending on the groundbait you use, altering the flavour of the bait.

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Similarly, some groundbaits will be coarser in construction and others will be finer, affecting the rate at which the bait disintegrates in the water and whether it forms a cloud in the water column or a mound on the venue bed. You can buy dyes to tint neutral groundbaits or you can invest in a pre-dyed bait. As a general rule of thumb, darker baits including reds and blacks work better in clearer water. Cloudy or otherwise churned water gives more natural coverage, so a neutral sand-toned groundbait will work effectively.

Particles are a key aspect of groundbait fishing. Hempseed is one of the most popular particles due to its active action and it is supplied both pre-cooked and raw for home preparation. Sweetcorn is a popular addition, too, especially when fishing with artificial sweetcorn as a hook bait. Crushed snails and chunky tiger nuts are other particle options, both of which add crunchy textures into the bait.

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Similarly, you can also chunk up boilies using bait making equipment in order to add additional texture and breakdown rates to your groundbait mix. Carp pellets are a popular alternative to boilies and there are several key differences between the two. The second big difference between boilies and pellets is their breakdown rate. Pellets are much softer than boilies in the water and will dissolve into a mush when soaked — in fact, they are effectively a compressed groundbait. This makes them ideal for use in feeder fishing scenarios. The pellets themselves can differ in size, you can get fishing pellets in bulk of either all the same size or a mixed bag.

The bigger the pellet the bigger the fish you tend to be catching.

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Pellets have a high oil content and are seen as one of the most attractive forms of baiting in the summer months. They are also one of the most versatile forms of baiting.

You can mix a bulk of fishing pellets into a groundbait mix, use them compressed into a feeder, or rigged as part of your hook bait setup. However, as with all things in angling, there are cons to using pellets too. The biggest strength of pellets their speedy breakdown is also their biggest weakness, as you might find yourself having to change your hook bait regularly — potentially disturbing the water. They are also popular amongst a huge range of fish, including the likes of barbel and tench.

Glugs, goos, bait dips, and flavour sprays are all popular bait additions for the serious carp angler. These are all liquid attractants that can be used to increase the potency of baits, enhancing certain flavours. Catch On. Reels From versatile spinning reels in a variety of sizes to heavy-duty conventional baitcast reels for serious catfish hunters. Rods We've got a fishing pole for every type of fish, so find the best one for you and gear up for your next fishing adventure. Add Fishing to your Adventure.

Fish for the First Time. Teach Someone to Fish.

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